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Click here for $BBANK on Ethereum network via Etherscan


Click here for $BBANK on BSC network via BSCscan

Initial DEX offering

Pairing — BBANK/ETH
April 28 2021 at 16:00…

BlockBank is adding long-time market favorite Litecoin to the upcoming V2 release of its mobile application, allowing users to deposit their native Litecoin directly into the BlockBank wallet. The 10-year-old peer-to-peer internet currency is an open-source, global payment network that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world.

BlockBank is proud to announce it will be launching the $BBANK token on , which is a protocol that combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a full-fledged multi-chain system.

Polygon solves pain points associated with Blockchains, like high gas fees and slow speeds, without sacrificing security. …

BlockBank will be enabling its users to earn interest on the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC), with rates up to 60x the US national average of a traditional savings account.

Best of all, your USDC is guaranteed by BlockBank, giving you complete certainty whilst you earn interest. With the BlockBank application…

BlockBank, the pioneering financial platform blending traditional mobile banking with decentralized finance (DeFi) and AI technology, will be listing its native utility token $BBANK on, a global top 10 cryptocurrency exchange. …

Dear BlockBanker,

BlockBank is on a mission to simplify the user experience without compromising security, privacy, or decentralization. The complex nature of DeFi platforms requires elegant trade execution and earning strategies to avoid high gas costs and slow speeds. …

Dear BlockBanker,

Maksim Halinouski joins the BlockBank Family as Product Owner/Operational Director

Maksim comes with a wide variety of skills with years of experience in;

  • Software development
  • Project management
  • Team building
  • Strategic planning


Business Development Manager @ BlockBank

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